Statements from the Seventh Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty

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General Debate (delivered in written format only)



Monday, 30 August

Agenda item 1: Opening of the Conference

Agenda item 4: Thematic discussion on small arms and light weapons (SALW), and stockpile management

  • President of CSP7, Ambassador Gberie of Sierra Leone
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sierra Leone, Hon. Dr. David J. Francis
  • Secretary of Exterior Relations of Mexico, H.E. Sr. Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon 
  • Director of Institutional Development and Capacity Building: Regional Centre on Small Arms (RECSA), Gen (rtd) Christo Simon Fataki
  • Programme Manager, Ammunition Management Advisory Team (AMAT) of the GICHD, Dr. Jovana Carapic
  • China, Ambassador Mr. Song Li 
  • Peru, Ambassador Ms. Silvia Afaro
  • Japan, Ambassador Mr. Ichiro Ogasawara 
  • European Union (Ms.)
  • Spain (Mr.)
  • Namibia, Ambassador Ms. Julia Imene-Chanduru
  • Switzerland (Mr.)
  • United Kingdom, Ambassador Mr. Aidan Liddle
  • Hungary (Mr.)
  • Republic of Korea, Ambassador Mr. Sang-beom Lim
  • France (Ms.)
  • Ireland, Ambassador Mr. Jamie Walsh
  • Romania (Ms.)
  • Uruguay (written statement)
  • Honduras (written statement)
  • Philippines (written statement)

Tuesday, 31 August

Agenda item 5: Universalisation

Agenda item 6: Treaty Implementation

Agenda item 7: Matters pertaining to the Secretariat

  • Overview of the provisional budget for 2022, delivered by Mr. Dumisani Dladla, ATT Secretariat
  • Presentation of the Management Committee's proposal on the reappointment of an auditor, delivered by Mr. Angus September of South Africa

Wednesday, 1 September 

Agenda item 7: Matters pertaining to the Secretariat

 Agenda item 8: Transparency and reporting
  • Presentation on the current status of reporting, delivered by Ms. Sarah Parker, ATT Secretariat
  • Presentation of the draft report of the Co-chairs of the Working Group on Transparency and Reporting (WGTR), Ms. Iulia Vladescu (Romania) and Mr. Alejandro Alba (Mexico)
  • Presentation of the report from the Chair of the Diversion Information Exchange Forum, Mr. Tom Nijs of Belgium
  • Mexico (Mr.)
  • Switzerland (Mr.)
  • European Union (Ms.)
  • Germany (Mr.)
  • Romania (Mr.)
  • Japan (Mr.)
  • Belgium (Mr.)
  • China (Mr.)
  • South Africa (Mr.)
  • France (Mr.)
  • Nigeria (Mr.)
  • Ireland (Mr.)
  • Republic of Korea (Ms.)
  • Chile (Ms.)
  • Control Arms (Ms.)
  • ASER (Mr.)
  • Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights (Ms.)
  • Argentina (Ms.)
  • Guatemala (Ms.)
  • Poland (Mr.)
  • Australia (Mr.)
  • Cameroon (written statement)

Agenda item 4: Thematic discussion

Agenda item 9: Matters pertaining to financial contributions

  • Presentation on the current status of financial contributions from the ATT Secretariat, Mr. Dumisani Dladla
  • Presentation from the Management Committee on their proposal regarding financial contributions 
  • Republic of Korea (Ms.)
  • Switzerland (Mr.)
  • China (Mr.)
  • Mexico (Mr.)
  • European Union (Ms.)
  • Belgium (Mr.)

Thursday, 2 September  

Agenda item 10: Matters pertaining to CSP8

  • Remarks from the CSP7 president regarding arrangements for CSP8 (dates, venue)
  • Turkey (Mr.)
  • Control Arms (Ms.)

Agenda item 11: Consideration and adoption of the final report of the Seventh Conference of States Parties

  • South Africa (Mr.)
  • Mexico (Ms.)
  • Costa Rica (Ms.)
  • China (Mr.)
  • South Africa (Mr.)
  • Argentina (Ms.)
  • Republic of Korea (Mr.)

Agenda item 12: Closure of the Seventh Conference of States Parties

  • Germany (Mr.)
  • Sierra Leone (Mr.)

Friday, 3 September 

No statements delivered as CSP7 adjourned early on 2 September



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