CD Reports

24 September 2010

High-level meeting on revitalizing the CD serves as catalyst for action

14 September 2010

The CD debates disarmament machinery and closes the 2010 session

07 September 2010

The CD discusses its draft report and other matters ... behind closed doors

31 August 2010

Still disagreements on the high-level meeting and the CD deadlock

24 August 2010

More debate on the purpose, process, and outcome of the 24 September meeting

17 August 2010

How to get the CD back to work again: a suggestion from Poland and more on the 24 September high-level meeting

10 August 2010

Third and final part of the CD's 2010 session begins with no sign of work

15 July 2010

Another draft bites the dust

08 July 2010

A new draft programme of work, but the same challenges remain

06 July 2010

Outer space and ICNND, but no word on a programme of work

29 June 2010

High-level meeting announced

22 June 2010

Nothing new from the CD

15 June 2010

A new multilateral order in an old Cold War fora?

11 June 2010

Still waiting for action, the CD’s resources continue depleting

07 June 2010

The CD adopts a schedule of informal meetings

03 June 2010

The NPT to ... ?

23 March 2010

Disarmament is the priority, not the Conference

19 March 2010

Calls for multilateral cooperation

16 March 2010

Back to shadow-fighting?

11 March 2010

The CD debates the draft programme of work

09 March 2010

International Women's Day and the introduction of a draft programme of work

05 March 2010

The Conference hears from Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan

04 March 2010

Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan addresses the CD

03 March 2010

Romanian Secretary of State addresses the CD; a look at the draft programme of work

25 February 2010

Sustainability through collectivity

18 February 2010

Enhancing collective security through action

16 February 2010

Negotiations: a tool of political will

11 February 2010

I'm sorry Mr. Secretary-General, nothing is going on?

09 February 2010

More talk about the NPT than the CD

02 February 2010

Discussions on programme of work are ongoing

26 January 2010

CD adopts its agenda, discusses importance of a programme of work