The Convention on Cluster Munitions

The Convention on Cluster Munitions, CCM, prohibits all use, stockpiling, production and transfer of Cluster Munitions. Separate articles in the Convention concern assistance to victims, clearance of contaminated areas and destruction of stockpiles.

The Convention was adopted in Dublin by 107 states on 30 May 2008 and signed on 3 December the same year. 70 States are party to the Convention which became binding international law when it entered into force on 1 August 2010. The first two Meetings of States Parties took place in Vientiane (2010) and in Beirut (2011). The Third Meeting will take place in Oslo in September 2012. Future States Parties will accede to the Convention by submitting their ratifications to the United Nations headquarters in New York.

WILPF reporting from the negotiations:
Katherine Harrison | Women's International League for Peace and Freedom 

Dublin Conference 
Week one
Monday 19 May 2008
Tuesday 20 May 2008
Wednesday 21 May 2008
Thursday 22 May 2008
Friday 23 May 2008

Week two
Monday 26 May 2008
Tuesday 27 May 2008
Wednesday 28 May 2008
Friday 30 May 2008   

Wellington Conference
18-22 February 2008

Vienna Conference,
5-7 December 2007 

Lima Conference
23-25 May 2007

Oslo Conference 
23-25 February 2007


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