The CTBT: obstacles to entry into force

CTBT-Report-coverToday, more than 16 years after the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) was adopted, significant obstacles remain on the path to its entry into force. This report on government positions on the CTBT highlights why entry into force of the treaty should not be treated as a precondition to nuclear disarmament or to the commencement of negotiations on a treaty banning nuclear weapons completely.

25 pages • September 2012
PDF available online for free

This guide examines the policies of the 38 non-ratified states on the question of the CTBT. While some governments express their intention to ratify, others indicate their unwillingness to ratify unless certain conditions are met, such as the establishment of enhanced CTBT verification measures.

Authored by Eloise Watson • Foreword by Ray Acheson and Tim Wright • Layout by Tim Wright