COVID-19: Up-to-date list of postponed or cancelled disarmament and arms control meetings

Due to public health concerns, an increasing number of arms control and disarmament meetings are being cancelled or postponed until further notice. This list is regularly updated as information becomes available.

Last updated: 17 July 2020

An Intersessional informal exchange of the Open-ended Working Group on ICTs, originally scheduled from 30-31 March in New York, is cancelled.

The Third round of consultations on a political declaration on explosive weapons (EWIPA), originally scheduled from 23-24 and 26-27 March in Geneva, is postponed until further notice. 

Arms Trade Treaty Working Group meetings and second CSP6 informal preparatory meeting, originally scheduled from 14-17 April in Geneva, is cancelled. 

The Fourth Conference of Nuclear-Weapons-Free Zones and Mongolia, originally scheduled to take place on 24 April in New York, has been postponed "to a period in 2021".

The 2020 NPT Review Conference, originally scheduled from 27 April-22 May in New York, is postponed until such time as conditions permit, but not later than April 2021.

The Second intercessional informal exchange of the Open-ended Working Group on ICTs, originally scheduled from 28-29 May in New York, is cancelled. 

The Seventh Biennial Meeting of States of the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons, originally scheduled from 15-19 June in New York, has been postponed.

The 2020 CCW Group of Governmental Experts on lethal autonomous weapon systems meeting that was scheduled for 22-26 June in Geneva, did not take place. It was  re-scheduled to take place from 10-14 August 2020 in Geneva which was cancelled too. The first session of the GGE is now scheduled to take place 21-25 September 2020, subject to COVID-19-related developments.

The third substantive session of the UN Open-ended working group on developments in the field of information and communications technologies in the context of international security, originally scheduled for 6-10 July in New York, did not take place. It will likely be rescheduled. A schedule of informal consultations will be released soon. 

The Sixth Conference of States Parties (CSP6) to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) will take place in written format from 17 July–17 August.