Statements from the 2021 Seventh Biennial Meeting of States

Monday 26 July | Tuesday 27 July | Wednesday 28 July | Thursday 29 July | Friday 30 July


Opening remarks

Agenda item 6 "Consideration of the implementation of the Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects, at the national level, the regional level and the global level, including considerations to preventing and combating the diversion and the illicit international transfer of small arms and light weapons to unauthorized recipients."

Agenda item 7 "Consideration of the implementation of the International Instrument to Enable States to Identify and Trace, in a Timely and Reliable Manner, Illicit Small Arms and Light Weapons, including an exchange of views on the implications of the developments in small arms and light weapons manufacturing, technology and design, taking into account all views and proposals of Member States, as well as relevant deliberations during previous meetings and relevant General Assembly resolutions adopted by consensus."


Agenda items 6, 7, or 8


Presentations from international, regional, and non-governmental organisations

Briefing from the UN Secretariat on UNPoA and ITI national reports

  • Presentation from Mr. Ivor Fung, UN Office for Disarmament Affairs 

Agenda items 7 and 8


Agenda items 9 ("Exchange of views on the eighth Biennial Meeting of States") and 10 ("Other issues and topics of relevance for the effective implementation of the Programme of Action and the International Tracing Instrument"), as well as prior agenda items. 

  • Cote d'Ivoire (Mr.)
  • Iran, on behalf of Bolivia, Cuba, Iran, Nicaragua, Syria and Venezuela (Mr.)
  • Iran, on behalf of Belarus, Nicaragua, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba and Iran (Mr.)
  • Colombia (Ms.)
  • MERCOSUR, delivered by Brazil (Mr.)
  • Egypt (Mr.)
  • Japan (Mr.)
  • Arab Group, delivered by Sudan (Mr.)
  • Mexico (Mr.)


Agenda item 11 "Consideration of the draft final document"

Agenda item 12 "Adoption of the report"

  • Iran (Mr.) on behalf of Belarus, Cuba, Nicaragua, Syria, Venezuela
  • Germany (Ms.)
  • Indonesia (Mr.)
  • Ireland (Mr.)
  • Iran (Mr.)
  • Brazil (Mr.)
  • Mexico (Ms.)

Explanations of vote/closing remarks 
*due to time constraints, the Chair encouraged states to submit explanations and closing remarks in written form

  • Russian Federation (Ms.)
  • Cuba (Ms.)
  • Costa Rica (Ms.)
  • Romania (Mr.)
  • Chair of BMS7, H.E. Mr. Martin Kimani of Kenya
  • Iran on behalf of Belarus, Cuba, Nicaragua, Syria, Venezuela (written statement)
  • Kenya (written statement)