August session of the 2016 open-ended working group on nuclear disarmament

In October 2015, states decided to hold a second OEWG to address concrete effective legal measures, legal provisions, and norms that will need to be concluded to attain and maintain a world without nuclear weapons. It is operating as a subsidiary body of the General Assembly. The first session was held in Geneva from 22-26 February 2016; the second session was held 2-13 May 2016; the final session will be held on 5, 16 and 17 (p.m. only) and 19 August in room XIX at the Palais.

Information for civil society 

Pursuant to paragraph 5 of resolution 70/33, the group shall convene in Geneva “with the participation and contribution of international organizations and civil society representatives, in accordance with established practice…”. As per the established practice, all relevant NGOs which are granted access to the UN premises (organizations with consultative status with ECOSOC or accredited to DPI) may register and attend the meetings of the group. Other interested organizations, relevant and competent to the scope of this Group, may register and participate subject to the agreement of the Member States (on a no-objection basis).

Registration for the August session is required for member states, international organizations and civil society representatives. This is valid for those Member States, international organizations and those civil society representatives which have participated in the February or May session of the OEWG. The registration should be send to the Secretariat of the Open-ended Working Group taking forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations at the following address:

Office for Disarmament Affairs, Geneva Branch
United Nations Office at Geneva, Palais des Nations Room C.113
CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland
Fax: +41 22-917-0054
Email: [email protected]

(Please indicate if your organisation has ECOSOC status.)

The Secretariat has been informed that the designated non-governmental organization point of contact in connection with participation by non-governmental organizations in the meeting of the Open-ended working group taking forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations is as follows:

Ms. Mia Gandenberger
Reaching Critical Will
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Rue de Varembé, 1 – Case Postale 28
CH – 1211 Geneva 20
Telephone: +41 (0)22 919 70 80
Email: [email protected]

Statements and interventions

Please remember inform the NGO point of contact if you wish to speak from the floor during a particular meeting. She will be maintaining a rolling list of NGO and academic speakers that will be communicated to the the Secretariat and the Chair on a regular basis. You can inform of your intention to speak now or on the particular day you want to make your intervention.

Please keep your interventions to no longer than two minutes and please focus on the matter under discussion that day. Please be as interactive as possible, responding to the discussion in the room.

If you registered through a particular campaign or coalition, such as ICAN, please be in touch with those coordinators as well.