Launching Korea Peace Now campaign

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The last year has been a tumultuous one in relation to questions of peace and security on the Korean peninsula. With missile tests and threats by North Korea and the United States, the global community has felt the ramifications of the ongoing war, which has been ongoing for 67 years. The war has had enormous consequences for Koreans, especially for the many families who have been separated. Hostilities have remained high, resulting in the extreme militarisation of the Korean peninsula.

Women in particular have been demanding peace and protesting the war for decades—and now they are seizing on the recent momentum of renewed dialogue to mobilise for peace and disarmament. WILPF, Women Cross DMZ, Nobel Women’s Initiative, and the South Korean Women’s Movement for Peace have formed a global coalition called Korea Peace Now to demand an end to the Korean war, the inclusion of women in a peace process, and sustainable disarmament and demilitarisation. In mid-March, we held launch events in Washington, DC, New York, and Ottawa, and there's much more to come!

Check out our campaign video, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and view our website for more information and resources. We are also mobilising support in the United States for a resolution from members of Congress calling for an end to the war, and to promote support for peace and disarmament at the United Nations. Sign up to receive more information about the campaign and coming tools and actions that you can take to help support feminist approaches to peace and security on the Korean peninsula and beyond!