Preventing gender-based violence through arms control: tools and guidelines to implement the Arms Trade Treaty and UN Programme of Action

This report provides tools and guidelines for effective implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty and the UN Programme of Action on small arms and light weapons provisions related to gender-based violence.

preventing-gbv-coverThe report provides an introduction to the concepts of gender and GBV, placing them in the context of conventional weapons, the ATT, and the UNPoA. It then provides an overview of current practices in export licensing, including applications and documentations, risk assessments, information sharing, monitoring, and transparency. Based on the analysis of current practice, the report then offers guidelines for assessing the risk of GBV. It covers items, intended end users, destination countries, criteria, and indicators relevant for assessing whether or not an arms transfer could result in GBV. It also provides informative guidelines for preventing GBV through arms control measures, such as legislation, national commissions, disarmament, demobilization and reintegration processes, data collection, and international aid. Finally, the report offers recommendation and resources to guide export officials in their responsibilities.

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Written by Rebecca Gerome • Edited by Ray Acheson • Published in April 2016 by Reaching Critical Will, a programme of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

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