New space publication out now

awaiting-launchThe Observer Research Foundation (ORF) in New Delhi has just released a new publication, "Awaiting Launch: Perspectives on the draft ICOC for outer space activities". Beatrice Fihn and Gabriella Irsten of Reaching Critical Will have contributed with a chapter on "Addressing Challenges in Space through New Multilateral Processes". 

The article discusses the draft International Code of Conduct on outer space activities (ICOC), and argues that while it is only a partial solution to the space-related challenges facing the international community, it is a welcomed step towards breaking the ongoing deadlock in traditional multilateral forums. The article highlights the importance of creating international norms, and how the ICOC could be a part of a wider trend in international security and disarmament processes by moving beyond consensus-bound forum and avoiding certain states to be able to block progress. 

Reaching Critical Will has long argued that regulation in space is needed to both keep peaceful space activities safe and to prevent weaponization of space. 

Reaching Critical Will has been following the process of developing an international code of conduct for outer space activities since 2012, and has attended the open-ended consultation meetings in Kiev and Bangkok. For more information about this process, please see our factsheet on outer space. The third open-ended consultation will be held in Luxembourg on 27-28 May 2014.