RCW releases update of report on nuclear weapon modernization

sadf-coverReaching Critical Will has published a new report on nuclear weapon modernization, Still assuring destruction forever.

All nuclear-armed states have plans to modernize their nuclear weapons, delivery systems, and related infrastructure. They will spend billions of dollars over the next few years extending the lives of these weapons of terror.

In 2012, Reaching Critical Will published the first report on global nuclear weapon modernization. Non-governmental researchers and analysts, leading and knowledgeable experts about nuclear weapons programmes and policies, provided information on the plans of China (Hui Zhang), France (Hans Kristensen), India (M.V. Ramana), Israel (Merav Datan), Pakistan (Zia Mian), Russia (Pavel Podvig), the United Kingdom (John Ainslie), and the United States (Andrew Lichterman). Still assuring destruction forever provides an update of the summaries of each of the countries covered by the 2012 report.