The UNGA First Committee concludes its 75th session with attacks on multilateralism and on disarmament

2020 has proven to be a universe of unprecedented happenings. The First Committee was no exception. Not only did it have to adjust to limited in-person meetings, virtual webcasting, and the physical exclusion of civil society, but it also dealt with new procedural antics that required a dusting off of the rules of procedure and a fortitude of spirit from most participants and observers.

While some of what went down this year may seem to be procedurally wonky, or perhaps even irrelevant compared to the challenges being faced every day in our world, it seems worth documenting and analysing because, regrettably, it may not be as irrelevant as we may wish. The goings-on at this year’s First Committee session provide insights into what some of the most violent governments in our world are up to in relation to international law, intergovernmental institutions, and the use and development of weapons. Unfortunately, this has real-world implications for us all.

To find out more, read the editorial in the final edition of our weekly First Committee Monitor.

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